Your latest production release (0.05) contains SDK issues

2022/07/20 8:14

When I update an app on Google Play, a warning message appeared.

Critical issues have been reported with the following SDK versions: the SDK developer told us:

The SafetyNet Attestation API is being discontinued and replaced by the new Play Integrity API. Begin migration as soon as possible to avoid user disruption. The Play Integrity API includes all the integrity signals that SafetyNet Attestation offers and more, like Google Play licensing and better error messaging. Learn more and start migrating at

I searched the relevant information on Google. And found:

Dates Milestone What does it mean for you?
June 2022 Announcement You should start integrating with the Play Integrity API as soon as you can. In the meantime, SafetyNet Attestation will continue to work for your app.
June 2023 Migration deadline If you have migrated to the Play Integrity API, SafetyNet Attestation will continue to work on the former versions of your app. You can still detect risky interactions with the previous versions of your app. If you have not migrated, SafetyNet Attestation will no longer work for your app (including the previous versions) and return an error. We will consider that you have migrated if your app calls the Play Integrity API in production.
June 2024 Full turndown SafetyNet Attestation will no longer work for any version of your app. Your app will receive an error.

We still have time to finish the migration. Detailed solutioin can be found below.,Attestation%20will%20be%20retired%20entirely.

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